10 Startups In Malaysia You Should Know

They are dreamers with big ideas and even larger ambitions. The Malaysian startup scene is more vibrant than it has ever beenwith more entrepreneurs with creative plans. Here are 10 of the top startups in Malaysia:

1. Grab
The wildly successful ride-hailing service Grab is one of the biggest success stories in the Malaysian startup scene. It has often been compared with Uber and is regarded as its South East Asian equivalent.
Grab’s services originally started out offering budget or premium taxi services but slowly included other services including GrabExpress for sending parcels and documents and GrabHitch that utilises cars from a carpooling community.
Grab operates across 30 cities in 6 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia), the service allows users the benefit of hailing a ride seamlessly with just a few taps with your smartphone.

2. KFit
KFit is a service that gives users access to hundreds of different gyms, spas, yoga studios and beauty centres around you.
Download and book your instantly via its mobile app to access any kind of workout or treatment. It does not matter if its daily workouts at the neighbourhood gym or a relaxing massage, KFit has got it covered.
Aside from KL, it is available in other cities around the region including Singapore, Taipei, Seoul, Manila, Auckland and Perth.

3. iFlix
With increasing Internet speed comes the rising interest in video on demand. Local startup iFlix has high aspirations to the Netflix of the East.
Featuring localised content that caters to markets in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand; iFlix is distinctively different from rival Netflix.
The company has high ambitions to expand across the world and has strong backing from Catcha Group, Evolution Media Capital and PLDT.

4. iMoney
Personal finance platform iMoney helps consumers answer their questions regarding which is the best credit card, broadband plan or personal loan in town.
Offering fast and hassle free consultation anytime and anywhere, it is no wonder the site has 2.5 million visits per month in its key markets of Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

5. Kaodim
Need a job done quick and fast? Then Kaodim is a great service that connects people with a professional service provider.
It offers a range of professional services in areas like home cleaning, transport, events and fitness.
The name comes from the phrase “job done”in Cantonese and is offered in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

6. TheLorry
Need help to transport something? TheLorry is an on-demand transport service that offers fast and easy lorry booking (or “Lori Sewa”) to transport anything, from household appliances to commercial cargo, throughout Malaysia and Singapore.
Customers need only go to the website to book a vehicle, be it a lorry or van, and TheLorry will provide a quotation in short time.
Jobs would then be dispatched to TheLorry’s vendor app where its extensive vendor network (with over 1,000 lorries and vans) will claim on a first-come, first serve basis, similar to Uber.
Things are looking up for them as TheLorry successfully raised a US$1.5 million in funding thanks to SPH Media Fund and Elixir Capital. Not bad for a company just founded in 2014.

7. BookDoc
Sick and need to see a doctor? BookDoc is an online and mobile healthcare platform that connects patients with healthcare providers.
The app, which was launched in October 2015, allows patients to book appointments with doctors with just a few taps.
Founded by heavyweights like former Health Group MD Datuk Chevy Beh and co-founded by Groupon Malaysia founder Joel Neoh, BookDoc is now available across 4 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong) and 17 cities.

8. Bfab
Need to look good for your dinner date? Then Bfab is the portal for you. Search and book any wellness and beauty service within the region.
From hair removal, massages and make up services the portal is a one-stop location for people looking to book an appointment to beautify themselves.

9. Supahands
Any business, big or small, has repetitive administrative tasks that are necessary but time-consuming.
Stepping in to save the day is Supahands, an outsourcing service founded in 2014 that serves companies across the globe from Australia, Singapore to the US.
Their goal is to help businesses, big and small, be more efficient by delegating tasks to its ready pool of trained virtual assistants called SupaAgents. Tasks include data entry, online research, appointment setting and customer care.
It has strong backing from companies like Axiata, Intres Capital and 500 Startups.

10. Helpr
The hecticness of modern day life leaves makes one wish they have a personal helper. Helpr steps in as a personal concierge service to help you get things done from running errands and dispatch, shopping, ordering food, conducting research, make travel bookings and even buying gifts.
The service is contactable via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or email. Once a request is confirmed and the price is quoted just pay and let them handle the rest.

In any startups, the risk of failure may high but that does not stop the entrepreneur from pushing forward and picking themselves up when they fall. No matter how big or small they are, the moment in the Malaysian startup scene is picking up.

Chong Jinn Xiung