5 Secrets To Run Sustainable Online Business

Helming an online enterprise is exciting yet intimidating. A new frontier for many entrepreneurs, it’s vital to get things right in the business’ early days. Pay heed to the little-known ingredients to excel in your endeavours.

1. Write Down Your Goals
Be specific with your goals and find ways to reach your goals. Know where you are going. Are you going to measure financially or number of users on your website? Within few months, many factors might pull you away from your goals. Be sure to check back your written goals. It is important to write down your goals.

2. Really Understand Your Customer
It’s essential to determine your customers’ locations and preferences. You’ll then know the right products or services to offer to them, and how to spend your marketing Ringgit that yield good return on investment.

3. Leverage On Technology
Though it’s crucial to foresee the potential issues to deal with, you must also constantly evaluate the required software for your business. Software for security, scalability, usability and marketing, allow you to seamlessly monitor your stock, delivery of products and to collect customers’ data.

4. Simplify Purchasing Process
To sell more products, make the transactions seamless, especially with the advent of mobile e-commerce. Allow customers to shop without creating an account. Use only few form fields. Minimise the number of screens in the payment section. Offer affordable delivery. Save billing, shipping and payment information, to better serve your customers in future. Provide several payment platforms; using common ones such as PayPal and Amazon make it easier for consumers worldwide. Don’t antagonise the customers, especially not at the shopping cart point.

5. Treat Your Customers Like Brand Ambassadors
Leverage on their positive testimonials about your businesses. It often translates into more sales later. Avoid hard-sell pitches – it leaves a bad impression on others. Let the customers to decide what’s good or bad for them.

Such attributes lead to your businesses’ longevity.

Tan Hee Hui