5 Steps To Offer Services From Your Home

I received an email from my boss last Saturday night. The email told me that I have been terminated. Shocking but the news is real.

Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) started on 16 March, many businesses are greatly affected – the most apparent industries are aviation and tourism. When businesses are affected, employees see the chain reaction of it. Pay cuts or termination of contract workers happen. On the other side, whether you have been impacted by the lockdown or not, it is a great opportunity for people who are working from home to generate a few more new income sources. Therefore, I have listed 5 steps if you are thinking to offer services to people like me.

Just before that. You may ask since there are many platforms, why use Posgi. Here I have listed 5 reasons to use Posgi:

  1. Work collaboratively with other workers on Posgi
  2. Showcase and describe your services clearly on a web page (so that other people can share your page too).
  3. Collect reviews from your customers. Your next customers will appreciate the reviews that you have there.
  4. Leverage on the implemented payment system (you don’t have to chase for payment).
  5. FREE to start. To sustain this platform, Posgi only charge RM1 per transaction (plus payment gateway fee: 3% + RM1)

1.Create An Account on Posgi

Go to posgi.com to create a new account. It is FREE to do so. With a Posgi account, you can browse all the services, jobs, make and receive payments, and track your projects.

2. Set Up Your Profile Page

Go to the setting. Fill in your bio on your profile page. Showcase your experience, skills, and education so that your potential customers know how you can help them. Build trust and credibility as the first impression counts.

3. Convert Your Account To Seller

Convert from a customer account to a seller account. You need a seller account to list your services. Read the terms and click next to agree.

4. List All Your Services

Create your service by filling in your service title and description. This is where you describe precisely what your services includes and excludes.

5. Share Your Service Page

Copy the link of your service page (or your profile page) and share it on Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups, and other networks that you have. Let them know that you are offering services.

Getting started on Posgi is easy. Invest about 30 minutes to optimize your profile and services. Do your marketing by sharing your link in all places. It’s free to start this. Do it now. Shoot me a message if you have any questions.

A coffee addict.