5 Tips to Make Better Video


Some of us may already know that video has the ability to move a person’s thoughts and actions. Most of us are watching video online. 93% of Gen Z say the visit YouTube at least once a week. As such we love to watch video, how do we make a good video? Below are the 5 tips for you to make a good video:

1. Develop a script
Agree on a video structure, from beginning to the end. Have the script started early so that everyone can be on the same page before shooting. Changes are easier to make at scripting rather than during post-production.

2. Have a good direction
Set a direction, and try to stay with it. Changing direction frequently doesn’t make the team work better. This is why certain team need a director to make their video.

3. Be frank with production team
If you have certain preference, please tell your team before hand. It is better to communicate more than less. Don’t wait until the shooting finish, then you tell the your team what you need. And, join in the production process.

4. Allow for recce
Spare some time for the crew to look at the shooting location. Set at least one day for the crews to visit the location, so that the crews can plan for the shooting.

5. Work with video editor
We need a video editor to put all footage together. Video editor is the person who works for the final video output.

Making a video isn’t done by one magic touch. It requires time and efforts. If you have seen a really good and memorable video, probably tons of energy has been spent for that video.


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