8 Business Lessons We Can Learn From Pokemon Go


Pokemon GO is the latest phenomenon to hit smartphones this year. Literally, almost EVERYONE is playing it. On the streets, in the malls,in the parks. EVERYWHERE.
But what makes it so special? Here are 8 facts.

1. The Pokemon Brand
Pokemon GO proves that the cute and cuddly Pokemon are just as relevant today as they were in 1996 when they first debuted.
The fad never died since then as there were new movies, toys and new games released over the years.
The latest game Pokemon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS is due to be released in November this year too.

2. A Timeless Catchphrase
A catchy slogan goes a long way. “Gotta Catch ’em All!” says it all as it encapsulates the very essence of the franchise and that is to catch all the Pokemon in the game.
It is the rallying call time after time players will heed and won’t stop until the job is done. Pokemon GO is no different.

3. Utilize Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality is not new technology but the appeal and novelty of seeing a Pokemon hanging around in the real world that has people checking out the game.
Granted the appeal is only temporary as you will soon discover it is easier and more effective to play the game with AR turned off.
Bonus: You also look less ridiculous when you are walking around and won’t court curious stares.

4. Movement
Gamers are a lot that are typically sedentary and sometimes isolated. With Pokemon GO you have no choice but to get up and moving.
Most elements of the game from gathering of resources at Pokemon, hunting them and hatching eggs require you to walk.
So put on your most comfortable running shoes and go out into the wild to catch some wild Pokemon.

5. It’s Free
Pokemon GO has a low barrier of entry. Its free and you can get it off the App Store or Play Store.
Unlike a traditional Pokemon game that’s usually on a Nintendo handheld system, Pokemon GO works on your smartphone, allowing you to play it anytime and when you are on the go.

6. A Great Monetization System
Pokemon GO’s in-app purchase model lets players buy virtual goods that include a Lure Module that attracts a Pokemon to a Pokestop for 30 minutes.
This is a great tool for merchants to attract customers to their premise to increase visits and even encourage some additional sales.

7. Empowering Social Interaction
It is not all about catching Pokemon. There is a social element to the game that brings people together at the various real world locations that act as Pokestops or Pokemon gyms.
There they can form alliances with one of the game’s three teams. Battling for control of the various locations is half of the fun.

8. Welcomes both casual and hardcore
Regardless if you are a long time Pokemon fan or someone who has never played a Pokemon game, it is undeniable that Pokemon GO appeals to a wide audience.

Collecting, battling and exploring are the core aspects of the game that provide a balance environment for all to enjoy.

Have we missed out anything?
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