Best Practices For Posgi Creators

1. For the start, set your services small. For example, if you are a graphic designer who can design a logo, name card, and a Facebook page banner, break them into three services instead of one bundle service. With these small services, you can render the same services to other customers.

2. Write your description clearly: what is included, when is delivery and what is the requirement before ordering.

3. Put your price based on your description.

4. When you receive an inquiry, be sure to give a good customer service by developing a friendly conversation. Your first impression is very important to your new customer. As they may have not met you personally, they want to be sure that you can deliver the service.

5. Have clear communication by asking polite questions (eg: How may I help you? etc). Be sure to follow up if it is required.

6. Once your customer has made the payment, thank them. Assure them when you are going to deliver your artwork.

7. Update them your progress if it is required.

8. Once you have completed the artwork within the agreed time frame, send the artwork to your customer. Ask them for feedback if they have any.

9. In case you cannot meet the deadline, be sure that you inform your customer early. We are very strict on customer delivery. To maintain a positive community, we will take stern action if required.

10. If they give any feedback, thank them first. If they give any negative feedback, don’t take it personally. The feedback is not about you, it is about the work not meeting their expectation. Make revision if your service includes revision as on the description.

11. Give a good service as you have described. Who knows your customers will come back to order from you again.

12. A reputation is more precious than what you say. Ask your customer to give you review so that your next customers will read it.