Best Practices For Entrepreneurs

  1. Contact the creator if you are interested in their service.
  2. Message them privately to check their availability.
  3. Ask them questions and tell them your requirements to make sure your creator can meet your expectation. Be sure to make everything black and white.
  4. Make an upfront payment if you would like to order. No one likes delayed payment, so, be kind to creators.
  5. Upon receiving your artwork, first, appreciate their hard work by thanking them. They deserve your appreciation.
  6. Very seldom creator can deliver the artwork as you imagined earlier. Give them your feedback politely: (1) What you like about the artwork and what you don’t like about the artwork. (3) Give suggestions if you have any. Be very specific in your feedback.
  7. Once your creator has completed your artwork. Create a positive community by giving them a positive review. Tell them what they have done well. Other customers like you will appreciate your review.
  8. In case there is any dispute, please inform Posgi team immediately so that we can investigate the issue.