How A Posgi Creator Should Set The Price

It can be daunting, at first, for a creative person to publicize the price. It has been a norm that pricing kept secretively as no one knows how one person charge except the customers. Nevertheless, it is common too that new customers scream that the price is too high, say that they haven’t seen your work before, keep asking for discounts or asking for more from you. However, at the digital age now, nothing is secret. Posgi Creator today need to focus on producing great works and spend less time on the petty matter.

1. Set Your Hourly Rate.

A Posgi Creator needs to decide on his hourly rate. So, a typical hourly rate for:

  • A fresh graduate without any experience is between RM25 and RM30.
  • A junior Posgi Creator with 1 to 2 years experience is between RM30 and RM35
  • A senior creative Posgi Creator with 2 to 4 years experience is between RM35 and RM40
  • A veteran creative Posgi Creator with 4 to 7 years experience is between RM40 and RM100
  • A senior veteran creative Posgi Creator with more than 7 years experience is between RM100 and RM200

Once you have decided on your hourly rate, you need to check whether it is sustainable or not on a monthly basis. How to check that? Just multiply your hourly rate with the total hours you want to work in a month. Let say your hourly rate is RM30 and you want to work for 150 hours in a month. Let’s do the math, RM30 x 150 = RM4,500, that’s your average monthly income. Sustainable? Pretty much.

2. Decide How Much Time Required For A Task

A creative process can be complicated at times. However, for simplicity sakes, let us use logo design as an example. To design a logo, let say you need 1 hour to do the design. And you allowed 2 times minor revisions which take 30 minutes each to revise the artwork. You need to factor in the time used to communicate with a customer, let say you send them Standard Questions Before Order (SQBO) and you use cumulatively 30 minutes to chat with a customer. Let’s do the math, 1 hour + 30 minutes + 30 minutes + 30 minutes = 2.5 hours. You use 2.5 hours for a logo design task. If your hourly rate is RM30, your price should be RM30 x 2.5 = RM75. (Note that there are commissions by Posgi and payment gateway which the total generally between 13% and 15% of your price). So, you should post your service at RM90 based on the calculation above.

Of course, above serves as a guide, not a hard and fast rule. There are many factors in pricing besides experience, for example, certifications, types of equipment, travel expenses, and more. In business, there are two main forces: demand and supply. You need to make sure that the demand, buyers are willing to pay the price for the value you have mentioned. Make sure you communicate well on the value that you want to deliver on your service post.