The Change of Marketing

One businessman said: “Online business has killed many businesses. This is not good, but should I join the online crowd?” Whether you like it or not, the world is keep changing. In another word, the market is keep moving. The question to managers, like you – are you adapting to the market?



Few years back, people would need to go to shopping malls to check out the latest products. The great advantages of shopping physically, and still irreplaceable, you can touch and feel the product. Nonetheless, information is widely available on the web. You can get all the reviews of any products or services which you want to know.


In your previous purchasing experiences, would you prefer to make online payment and get the product delivered to your door step?




Would you agree that you can get almost any information at any time, at any place? Everyone can search for information with their mobile phone. Your friend can search for an answer whenever a questions pop up. Plenty of online stores are available for you to buy product or to order a service immediately.




Will you be able to get movie or flight tickets without bringing your wallet? Yes, of course you can. This is the conveniences people are using to avoid long queue. Do you still remember the frustration to wait for your turn to get a ticket? Online purchasing helps people’s life easier. Today, many businesses have implemented online service for feedback, order, and transaction.



The hardest element to have in online business is to build trust and relationship. The best way to build relationship is still face to face. There is no  more real than real time by meeting a person yourself. You get to know the behaviour and attitude of a person from his or her non-verbal language.



One alternative way to receive non-verbal language of a person is through video. You can observe non-verbal language of a person by yourself. Though a video could be manipulated in many ways, including camera angles, editing and music, it brings more message to your recipients. Video can bring much more sensory experiences in conveying message. It deliver a message through hearing, reading, and seeing, all at the same time.



Marketing is delivering your product values to your customers. Tell your message to your customers at the relevant platforms, so that they understand the value you are providing to them.